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Our work enables Refugee to take action that positively impacts their own lives.We believe that each Refugee man and woman has the potential to lead a productive life and contribute Prosperity to societies and hosting Country .

“The strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is self-esteem: believing you deserve it, believing you will get it. Believing you will do it ” –Jerry Gillies.

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Why should governments welcome refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants?

We want to live in a world where people who are in grave danger have the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety.

In a globalized world, sharing global responsibility for global issues is the fair thing to do.

Host communities benefit from the tremendous energy and drive to start new lives, which these people bring.

Welcoming people from other countries strengthens host communities by making them more diverse and flexible in our fast-changing world.

Some of the most inspiring and influential people in the arts, science, politics and technology have been refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants. They were allowed to rebuild their lives in a new country and they thrived as members of a new community.

Our Mission

The mission of RFP is to welcome Newcomers and Empower Refugees to become self-sufficient through direct Service and Educational Programs.

Our Vision

RFP envisions a world where communities welcome all refugees and immigrants. We see ourselves as catalysts in the work of building welcoming communities. We aim to build relationships and a cross-cultural understanding between the Host communities and refugee communities

Our Values

  • TRANSEPARENCY; we strongly believe that creating an atmosphere of trust and honesty builds a good relationship between our stakeholders and beneficiaries, we keep our records open for evaluation to maintain a good connection and follow up.
  • INTEGRITY; we encourage the positive integration between refugees and host communities, unity and good morality will bring us together to strengthen our bond and move us forward.
  • MORALITY; Good morals make good character, at R.F.P we strongly encourage good behavior amongst our volunteer staff and beneficiaries this helps us progress faster and also creates a safe space for us to carry out our activities smoothly.
  • COLLABORATION; Team work makes the dream work, we put together a good team of volunteer staff who have proper coordination among

Who We Serve

Refugees who are transitioning from their own culture to Ugandan life. We focus on helping refugees live and work productively, further their education, and achieve a better life for themselves and their children

Where We Work

Uganda has been hosting refugees since 1959 and is currently the largest refugee-hosting country in Africa third-largest host in the world with 1.27million refugees and asylum seekers. Refugees live alongside local hosting communities in peaceful coexistence sharing natural resources and accessing the same social services.

Uganda has been recognized globally for having one of the most progressive open-door refugee policies: Uganda is also well advanced in the implementation of the comprehensive Refugee Framework (CRRF)

This World Refugee Day Exhibition is a partnership of the World Bank group and comprehensive Refugee Response Framework Secretariat (CRRF) in the office of the prime minister.

Taking a step with Refugees .the exhibition seeks to provide a platform and the opportunity for refugees and communities to express their talent and creativity and expand their social and economic opportunities.

Many of the artworks exhibition have strong underlying themes on environment and resilience and reveals arrange of artistic approaches: from painting, drawing, collages, mosaic, arts, and craft.

Work curated also includes a collection of masterpieces by a group of refugee children from South Sudan living in the suburbs of Kampala.

Works illustrate the significance of the theme expanding social and economic opportunities through highlighting creativity. Innovation and resilience of refugees and the host community by showcasing nontraditional creative and innovative means refugee undertake to create income-generating activities to support themselves and their families.

We equip refugee youth with the skills to start and grow businesses successfully, find or create jobs, increase incomes and livelihoods.

Refugees for prosperity targets both female and male out of school refugee youths. Who are vulnerable, unemployed are job-seeking potential entrepreneurs, micro-Entrepreneurs in vocational training in rural and urban refugees centers  

Founders' Story

My Story started 2010 up to 2018,I was working as mentors for young leaders and entrepreneurs flee from their Country In due course of my work, I noticed that our Refugee local communities, had an under addressed problem. Every time I walked around our communities area , we were struck by the high school Refugee youth dropout rates, the unemployment and meager incomes of Refugee youth. This was the life their parents had lived, and if nothing changed, it is the life their children will most likely live. Thousands of youth drop out of the formal school system annually and we could have been one of them.

Our dedication to Refugee youth empowerment is strongly inspired by the immense possibilities that are open to Refugee youth if they receive the right support. What every Refugee youth needs is the support to explore their potential, to create solutions and build the confidence needed to take action. I decided with my Friends to form REFUGEES FOR PROSPERITY to empower under served Refugee youth through a practical experience that builds their entrepreneurship, employability and leadership skills to enable them to thrive in the labour market.


Who We Serve

Refugees for Prosperity Work Primarily Focuses Woman and children,  Youth in vocational training plus young Potential and existing entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Team

Refugees For Prosperity (RFP) has a volunteer work force of young energetic people who are passionate about empowering youth economically and socially



Warda Eid Elmi

Administration and finance

Brain Mukiso

Legal Officer

Mugisha Andrew bagorogoza

Program facilitator

Gideon Tugume

Legal Officer

Ayan Ali Ahmed


Masika Evangirine

Program Facilitator

Ntambi William


Masembe Trevor


Our Patterners

Regulatory body

Cooperate Patternship



Talk to us directly here regarding questions related to how you can sponsor or volunteer with us or send us an email to info@refugeesforprosperity.org

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