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What We Do

This is what Refugees For Prosperity seeks to address

Refugees Livelihood Empowerment

Mom and Her Daughter RFP Welcomed and Temporary Settlement in Kampala
Mom and Her Daughter RFP Welcomed and Temporary Settlement in Kampala

Help a new Comer settle in, anyone who has lived abroad knows how difficult it can be to learn a new language, make friends, understand the culture, find some where to live or a new job.

That is why Refugees for Prosperity address integration programs include language training, rights and responsibility for refugees, such as rights of education, health centers and free of movement.

Also, we provide mentorship courses to understand a local culture, reducing feels of isolation and loneliness, serve as source of practical, advice and problem-solving assistance. provide Refugees for Prosperity of improving English help the youth maintain cultural link to their country of origin and serve as catalyst for fun activities.

Mentor obtain the satisfaction of helping young people, require new skills and learn about refugee issue as well as other cultures.


Why should governments welcome refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants?

We want to live in a world where people who are in grave danger have the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety.

In a globalized world, sharing global responsibility for global issues is the fair thing to do.

Host communities benefit from the tremendous energy and drive to start new lives, which these people bring.

Welcoming people from other countries strengthens host communities by making them more diverse and flexible in our fast-changing world.

Some of the most inspiring and influential people in the arts, science, politics and technology have been refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants. They were allowed to rebuild their lives in a new country and they thrived as members of a new community.

training & Entrepreneurship

We equip youth with the skills to start and grow businesses, find and thrive at jobs, and actively participate civically.

Refugees for Prosperity working through Program Facilitators and the community mentor fellows mobilize and recruit Refugee youth from the Settlements and in Vocational institutions. 

The refugee mentor fellow through weekly mentorship and facilitating of entrepreneurship modules guide the youth to Identify needs with their community. It is these needs that the youth then turn into business ideas, construct business plans and then start businesses. Business startup capital is often got from fundraising, donations from relatives and parents other youth carry out part-time employment accumulative some money then start their businesses.

Refugees for Prosperity also equips youth with market-driven technical skills to accelerate business growth. Professional skills trainers are enlisted to train the youth in a practical skill that the youth can turn into a business. Skills previously conducted include liquid and bar soap making, baking, chalk making, bookmaking, Vaseline and candle.

A select number of youth are chosen for apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training is long term training in which a youth is paired with an apprenticeship provider. Apprenticeship training includes auto motor mechanic training, bicycle, and motorcycle mechanic, videography and photography, tailoring, hairdressing, Plumbing.

Through mentorship, home visits, and enterprise visits we encourage youth to form similar interest groups and saving groups. Similar interest groups are those in which Youth dealing in similar line items come together to share success, challenges and brainstorm solutions. Youth become each other’s accountability partners and work collectively to ensure the success of their businesses. An example of a similar interest group is Agro- business. This brings together farmers, as well as all in the agricultural value chain line. We support youth to form savings groups, we go ahead to encourage them to register their savings groups at the sub-county with the Community Development Officer and open up saving groups accounts in youth-friendly banks or microfinance institutions.

We link youth to Market, finance and professional mentorship opening up avenues for youth to grow their capital as well as business acumen.

Youth in Vocational institutions are encouraged to start a business in small groups. Youth mostly practice business in line with the skills they are being taught at the Vocational Institute. For example youth in the catering, class bake cakes and fry snacks which they sell to other youth at the school canteen

To further encourage entrepreneurship, Refugees For Prosperity an accelerator ProgramParticipants for the Accelerator are identified from graduates of the Leadership Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship program through a competitive referral and application process. Participants are selected for demonstrating commitment and the potential to grow big. Over 6 months, youth in the Accelerator participate in a transformative experience that refines their business models, strengthens their business acumen, and makes finance and non-finance linkages needed for growth.


If each refugee youth entrepreneur establishes an enterprise, that creates at least five new jobs. That can move the needle on youth unemployment across the Uganda regions. That is why Refugees for Prosperity conducts learning labs with Youth on job search skills prepare curriculum vitae (CV) and role-plays on interview skills.

We mentor youth on personal productivity, time management, and work etiquette, conduct employment visits to mentor youth at the workplace and inspire youth to be exemplary at the work of place. We as well find linkages to employment for youth by partnering with companies with work with youth.



We provide expert legal and advisory assistance to refugees and immigrants who intend to permanently or temporarily work and stay in Uganda through acquisition of immigration facilities like work permits, dependent passes, students passes, visa extensions, special passes and any other necessary facilities as needs arise. We also make arrangements for access to suitable and habitable places of abode for refugees through engaging landlords on contractual terms with the major aim of enabling the refugee tenants to comfortably live and stay on the landlord’s premises at a reasonable rent price.
Their greatest need is for legal permission to stay in safety in Uganda, and to reunite with family.  That’s what we focus on.
We liaise with different Government ministries and departments through our Legal and immigrants department to enable refugees acquire necessary legal documentation like Refugee Identity cards, birth and death certificates, driving permits, land titles, marriage certificates, company registration documents, Family Reunion, Refugee Travel Document processing, full legal representation, change of name deed poll and services incidental thereto and can always be contacted on our dedicated Telephone Advice Lines or physical meetings with our Advice Service personnel at our offices .

Child Protection​


The most vulnerable people are lone refugee children. Join the fight to end hunger. When you feed a child, you feed her future. You make the world a better place for her and for each one of us when you give to provide much-needed food and other essentials

Sponsor a Child Today!

When you sponsor a child, you’ll be personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care. Your support of $38 per month provides life-changing opportunities such as:

  • an opportunity to attend or stay in school
  • medical care, which often saves lives
  • nourishing food
  • Sponsor a childtoday

Our Model

  1. Experiential Entrepreneurship & Workplace Readiness
  2. Product Making and Service Provision Skills Trainings
  3. Competitions and Exhibitions
  4. Linkages to Information, Jobs, Markets & Finance 

Youth participate in a transformative experience of life-skills, employability, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship and linkage experiences that enable them to:



Talk to us directly here regarding questions related to how you can sponsor or volunteer with us or send us an email to info@refugeesforprosperity.org

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