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RFP Guardianship

About Us:

At Refugees for Prosperity (RFP) Students Guardianship, we are dedicated to providing students with access to top-tier education. By partnering with the best schools in the region, we ensure that our students receive exceptional academic opportunities, fostering their growth and potential. Our mission is to support these young individuals in their educational journey, empowering them to build prosperous futures and become leaders in their communities. Through personalized guidance and unwavering commitment, RFP is transforming lives and creating brighter prospects for refugee students and the whole community in general.

Why Our Service is Essential

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, many parents find themselves stretched thin, juggling numerous responsibilities to provide for their families. This is especially true for refugee families who are navigating a new education system, dealing with language barriers, and often have limited educational backgrounds. These challenges can make it difficult for parents to effectively monitor and support their children’s academic performance and overall well-being.
Our Role and Objective
Refugees for Prosperity’s Student Guardian Services is here to bridge that gap. We act as a representative of the parent at the school, ensuring that their child’s educational needs are met. Our main objectives are:
Academic Monitoring: We track students’ performance and provide professional support to help them improve.
Emotional and Mental Health: Our team monitors students’ mental and emotional well-being, offering professional counseling when needed.
Comprehensive Representation: We communicate and express concerns to school staff on behalf of parents, ensuring that any issues are promptly addressed.
Who We Serve
Our services are available to students from Primary 1 to Senior Secondary 4. With our team of professional and qualified staff, we ensure that each child’s educational journey is supported comprehensively and effectively.
Beyond the Classroom
During holidays, we offer additional programs that include:
Leadership Training:  Equipping students with the skills needed to become tomorrow’s leaders.
Cultural and Religious Education: Teaching culture and Religion to help students stay connected to their roots.
Talent Identification and Nurturing:  Recognizing and nurturing each child’s unique talents.
A Promise of Positive Change
We are committed to delivering positive and improved results for your child. Our service is offered at a reasonable price, ensuring that every family can afford the support their child needs.


Feel free to ask us directly here if you have any questions about sponsoring or volunteering with us. Alternatively, you can send us an email at

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